Caledonian dream season 2: join 6 travellers from different parts of the world for an incredible "caillou" road trip!

Germans, Australians, Chinese, French, Japanese and New Zealanders have until 21 July to try to win a 10-day New Caledonia road trip by applying on 6 travellers of 6 different nationalities will be elected by their compatriots to live their Caledonian Dream at the heart of the Pacific Ocean, under the gaze of internet users around the world. Planned for season 2 of this web-series: a 100% new journey brimming with sensation and emotion, as well as culture shock in a splendid natural setting. 

Caledonian Dream Season 2

For a second year, New Caledonia Tourism (NCT) is organising its great "Caledonian Dream" competition / web-series with the support of Aircalin and the entire local tourism industry. For 6 travellers from 6 major tourism markets, this is the opportunity to win an exceptional all inclusive trip to New Caledonia from 29 October to 8 November. To continue its international campaign "Our heart makes your heart beat" which highlights the diversity of experiences offered by the location, New Caledonia will host an off the beaten track adventure, full of twists and turns that users can follow in day-to-day video episodes on social networks and

To maintain the suspense, details of the candidates' itinerary cannot be revealed and they will discover it as the trip unfolds. We can however guarantee 10 intense road trip days to the four corners of the country, radically different from the previous season, packed with experiences and interesting, fun and emotional encounters. Tribal immersion in ancestral Kanak traditions, kicking back on paradisiacal beaches, hiking in rainforests, celebratory nocturnal tours, stop in the Far West, diving in the world's largest lagoon... will be some of the experiences seen through the eyes of the adventurers for spectators all over the world.


Step 1: Call for applications - 1 to 21 July
To participate in season 2 of Caledonian Dream, all you have to do is fill in the online application form prior to 21 July 2019. The conditions for casting are simple: you must be a French national, speak English, be of legal age and provide a video introducing yourself.

Step  2: Preselection of 5 candidates - 2 August
From among the applications received, we will select just 5 per country based on their personality and talent! The preselected candidates will be contacted on 2 August and will then have one week to send us, if they wish, a new video aiming to encourage internet users to vote for them.

Step 3: Internet user vote - 15 to 29 August
In order to narrow down the preselected candidates, from 15 to 29 August all internet users will be able to vote for the person they think would best represent their country on Caledonian Dream, and can invite their friends and relatives to do the same.

Step 4: Announcement of the 6 winners - 10 September
The 6 winners will be revealed to the world on 10 September! For the lucky winners, it will be time to pack their bags... while the others will be able to follow the adventure by watching the ten or so video episodes and keeping an eye on the Facebook posts.

Step 5: The Road Trip - 29 October to 8 November
It's time to set off on an intense road trip for more than 10 days. It will be full of surprises, with the caledodreamers only finding out their itinerary as they go: a unique human adventure and a real culture shock with 6 travellers of different nationalities setting off to discover New Caledonia.

Step 6: Broadcast of the web series - January/February 2020
At the start of next year, follow each day of season 2 of Caledonian Dream on video, and immerse yourself at the heart of the archipelago's dreamy landscapes, through the eyes and emotions of this likeable group. New Caledonia will set their hearts racing, and yours, through their surprising experiences encountering traditions, relaxation and adrenaline!

After a return to daily life made difficult by the unforgettable memories of their experiences, the 6 Caledodreamers will promote their personal adventure to the media and travellers of their country as true ambassadors of the destination! For more information, visit soon.

New Caledonia press contact: 
Philippe Artigue, NCTPS communication manager - / (687) 24 20 75

About Nouvelle-Calédonie Tourisme Point Sud 
Nouvelle-Calédonie Tourisme Point Sud (NCTPS) is an Economic Interest Grouping (GIE) that brings together institutional partners and industry professionals to promote tourism in:
- New Caledonia internationally under the brand "New Caledonia Pacific Heart".
- The South Province in the local market under the brand "Destination Province Sud".
First founded in 2001 and initially funded by the South Province region then through local professional members' contributions, the organisation is primarily based in Nouméa but also has representation in Australia, Japan, Mainland France, New Zealand, Italy and China.