Thetis Catamaran

Enjoy the cruise aboard a catamaran.

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Thetis Catamaran (water sports - Nouméa)

Enjoy cruises aboard a catamaran and discover islets and islands of New Caledonia in a friendly atmosphere. Thetis Catamaran also organizes personalized sail trainings and help your projects.

    Provided services :

Rate :

Tours/activities CFP Australian Dollar
Day trip (meal)
per pers. (base 10 pers.) 10000 137
A day
le bateau (max 17 pers.) 90000 1237
training course (per pers.) 12000 165
A week end
full boat (max 8 pers.) 180000 2474
training course (per pers.) 24000 330
A week
full boat (max 8 pers.) 375000 5155
training course (per pers.) 50000 687