Lifou nature

Follow a route meandering between sea and forest as you discover Kanak myths and legends.

  • Lifou, Hunëtë , 91, 98884
  • Mob : +687 940431

Lifou nature (land-based activities - Lifou)

A one or two-day route, meandering between sea and forest, allows you to discover the myths and legends of the Sacred Land (Zimetrötr), the medicinal plants in the forest and the arrival of the Gospel which so deeply marks Kanak life today. Several options available: one- or two-day trip, with bivouac, mountain biking, etc.

    Provided services :

  • Hiking

Other Information :

  • Hikes available daily. Sandwiches and drinks can be ordered in advance.

Rate :

Tours/activities CFP Australian Dollar
Two-day hiking tour
(includes breakfast, seafood meal, bougna, snorkelling activities, boat) 17850 247
Extra day 6300 87
Day trip (2 options)
(includes bougna, seafood meal and guided hike) 8925 123
Child (under 12) HALF PRICE HALF PRICE
Half-day hikes
(excluding boat, no meal) 2100 29
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