Kick'n Ride by Sud Loisirs

Try out these footbike from Sud Loisirs.

Kick'n Ride by Sud Loisirs (land-based activities - Farino)

A new way of getting around, you’ll certainly never forget your time in the Great Fern Park (Parc des Grandes Fougères) on these footbikes from Sud Loisirs. Anyone can use them, easier to handle than mountain bikes on steep tracks, the footbike lets you move uphill along the forest trails like a hiker and gives you the speed of a mountain bike for the descents.

    Provided services :

  • Cycling/mountain biking

Other Information :

  • Rental is on request and on certain dates. For more information on tree climbing adventure, contact our partner, Florent of Arbrévolution.

Rate :

Tours/activities CFP Australian Dollar
Footbike 7 km 2000 27
Footbike 10 km 2000 27
Footbike 18 km 3000 40
3000 40