Bourail Aqua Diving

New dive club at Roche Percée. Explore the underwater world of the New Caledonia’s lagoon.

  • Everyday from 7am to 6pm.

Bourail Aqua Diving (activities water sports - Bourail)

Bourail Aqua Diving is situated at the Roche Percée water sports centre. 7:30 meeting at the end of the peninsular by the Néra River, from where the trips depart. The centre is open year-round and looks forward to showing you the Bourail lagoon, which has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2008. The team will be delighted to take you to such renowned dive sites as the Fausse Pass at «Green Island» (île Verte), the Grand Coude at Kélé and the Faille at Shark Island. The trip has two dives with an hour’s break in between, when hot drinks and biscuits will be served.

    Provided services :

  • Scuba diving

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Rate :

Tours/activities CFP Australian Dollar
Dive only, no rental equipment
2 dives 15000 195
2 initiation dives 15000 195
Level 1 (6 dives + theory lessons) 45000 585
Level 2 (10 dives + theory lessons) 75000 975
Level 3 (10 dives + theory lessons) 75000 975