Chez Marie-Georgette

Marie-Georgette welcome you to the OuaTom tribe, where you can immerse yourself in Kanak culture.

  • Tribu de Oua Tom
  • La Foa Oua-Tom
  • Tel : +687 443817
  • Mob : +687 935120
  • Reservations required. Closed Sundays.

Chez Marie-Georgette (accomodations tribal accommodation - La Foa)

Marie-Georgette will welcome you into the heart of the Oua Tom tribe, where you will discover Melanesian culture and cuisine. Take a walk along the botanical path to see the New Caledonian flora and fauna. A campsite is also available for those who would like to stay overnight in the tribe.

    Provided services :

  • Tribal accommodation

  • Campsites

  • Communal dining (table d'hĂ´tes)

  • Horse trekking

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Other Information :

  • The bougna prepared in the traditional oven requires reservations 48 hours in advance

Accommodation :

Camping Communal toilet blocks with 2 showers and 2 toilets (cold water)

Rate :

Accommodation CFP Australian Dollar
Per night/per pers. 500 7
Restaurant CFP Australian Dollar
Bougna prepared in the traditional Kanak oven 2940 38
Bougna marmite 2520 33
Menu prawns 2940 38
Menu pork cooked in the oven 2940 38
Breakfast (adult) 525 7
Breakfast (chilf -12 yrs) 420 5
Coffee 100 1