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GIE Nouvelle-Calédonie Tourisme Point Sud – New Caledonia Tourism

Nouvelle-Calédonie Tourisme Point Sud (NCTPS) is an Economic Interest Group (GIE), connecting its institutional and tourism industry partners in order to promote New Caledonia:

  • Overseas, with the brand "Nouvelle Calédonie, Pacific Heart", promoting New Caledonia as a holiday and business tourism destination.
  • Domestically, with the brand "Destination Province Sud"

To do so, NCTPS works closely in partnership with public and private tourism professionals to develop travel and tourism to New Caledonia.

Founded in 2001 and based in Noumea where its head office is located, NCTPS also has worldwide representations in Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Auckland, Rome and Beijing.

Contact details :

20, rue Anatole France
Nouméa Centre
Tél : (687) 24 20 80
E-mail : info@nctps.com
BP 688 – 98845 NOUMEA CEDEX
GIE is governed by the Ordinance No. 67-821 of September 23, 1967
R. C. S. Noumea C 629618 – Ridet 629618-001

In Australia you may also contact us at: New Caledonia Tourism South, 10 Boronia Street, Redfern, NSW 2016 or at (02) 8077 3534.

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