Segway tour in Nouméa

Let's ride in Segway !

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3 possibles Segway tours:

  • Fun tour on the Bays: An original and high-sensation ride facing the magnificent Noumea lagoon! Join us in our agency in the Lemon Bay (Baie des Citrons) - opposite the Bohemia bar at the bottom of the aisle between Barca and Malécon. Departure to Anse Vata via aquarium street, resort promenade, Fare Beach, return via « Rocher à la Voile », Lemon Bay (Baie des Citrons), back to the agency.
  • Zoological And Forest Park: Ride the walkways of the Zoological and Forest Park located in the heights of Mount Montravel in Noumea, peaceful haven in the heart of the city. Go directly to the forest park (plan transportation accordingly). You'll be welcome on site by our instructor guide for a guided tour of the park (exotic region, scenic trail, endemic area). Picture breaks and visit of macaws' cages, aviary, vivarium, bats, etc. .
  • Segway City Tour:  A fun and ecological diving in the heart of the city of Noumea, its key places, its history. Join us in our agency in the Lemon Baie (Baie des Citrons) - opposite the Bohemia bar at the bottom of the aisle between Barca and Malécon. Departure for the tour: Lemon Bay (Baie des Citrons) / Aquarium street, back to Lemon Bay via « Rocher à la voile », Orphelinat area / Port Moselle (15 minutes stop for market visit) / ferry dock / center city / China town area / Latin quarter / return by Orplelinat area / marina. Picture breaks will be done all along the Tour. 


All our tours starts with an initial training (10 minutes) by our Segway monitors.


WARNING: in order to ride a Segway, you must be at least 14 years old and weigh at least 45 kg (maximum 118 kg). The practice is also not recommended for pregnant women.

New Caledonia is just waiting for you

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Le Lagon Hotel Noumea is a family run 3 star New Caledonia hotel that welcomes you as if you were a famous travel writer. Walking distance to Anse Vata bay, heated swimming pool,a spa, excellent suites of luxurious quality. Le Lagon is the top boutique hotel in Noumea.

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Share a relaxing moment between the pristine lagoon waters and the Deva domain forest.

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