New Caledonia is home to the largest lagoon in the world, and with locations as magnificent as they are varied, diving is inscribed in the DNA of all sea lovers. Several clubs located on the mainland and the islands offer dives for both newbies and pros.

Discover the seabed

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  • Wreck in scuba diving in New Caledonia

    Dive into the heart of a shipwreck

    As soon as you have access to traditional diving equipment, the prospects are endless. From the barrier reef to the pits and natural caves, you won’t get tired of diving in New Caledonia. Even more so if you go exploring shipwrecks, habitat for an extremely dense fauna and flora. The Dieppoise at the Amédée Lighthouse, the Humboldt near the Dumbéa channel, or even the Arrogant at Boulari or the Sun Burnt Country towards Goéland Islet... Make your choice!

  • Scuba diving in Ouvea, New Caledonia

    Island diving

    The waters around the Isle of Pines and Lifou are renowned for their exceptional richness, but the islands also offer cave diving where the atmosphere is necessarily different. The gallery of caves around Lifou remain largely unexplored. Don’t venture out alone, and trust your provider. This service is intended primarily for experienced divers and caving enthusiasts.

  • Night diving in New Caledonia

    Night diving

    Most providers will offer an exceptional opportunity, diving at night. Renowned for its mysterious atmosphere, night diving is real exploration, open to all. Be careful, thrills are guaranteed! It’s also an opportunity to observe a rare natural phenomenon and fascinating curiosity, fluorescent coral.

  • Clown fish in diving in New Caledonia

    Unmissable spots

    • The Prony Needle: a geological curiosity found nowhere else on the planet. In Prony Bay, south of Grande Terre, the Needle rises from the area’s thermal springs over 30 meters from the sea floor to the surface of the water. The fauna here is simply extraordinary.
    • The Shark Pit: Also located in Grand Sud, off the coast of Goro, the Shark Pit combines its natural advantages with a stunning and abrupt drop into the deep, a sandy bottom, coral to observe, and a wide range of exceptional marine wildlife, including sharks.
    • The Cathedral: Towards the North and the East Coast, the Cathedral is found off the coast of Hienghène, a majestic dive site where you can discover both large pelagic fish and smaller fish of shimmering colors.

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