The land, sea, forest and mountains make up the natural diversity New Caledonia, so you can enjoy environments that are as different as they are thrilling. And rightly so! Comfortably nestled in the middle of the South Pacific, this archipelago remains a one-of-a-kind, a combination of rare and conserved natural areas. 

Rare and conserved natural areas

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  • When the rocks put on a show

    When the rocks put on a show

    In northern Grande Terre, unusual geological formations offer every visitor a fascinating spectacle. Black, jagged cliffs fall into the ocean, the Brooding Hen watches the horizon, the Sphinx is also attentive, and the Lying Man remains peaceful. The shapes formed by the rocks over the millennia can be discovered by foot, car or kayak to your eyes’ delight. 

  • Mysterious mangroves in moindou

    Mysterious mangroves

    Among the natural splendors of New Caledonia, mangroves are also some the world’s most unique discoveries. With a simple walk to observe how they work and their ecological richness, or with a land or air excursion so you can admire the famous Hear of Voh, immortalized by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The nature here is fragile, shifting and moving. 

  • Unique islets - phare amédée

    Unique islets

    After crossing and sailing the sea, sailors can only be subjugated by the creations of nature in the middle of the vast ocean. The small sandy extent that has hosted the Amédée lighthouse since 1865 combines the wonders of nature: gorgeous underwater seascapes with loads of fish, a sparkling beach with white sand reflecting the sunlight, the possibility to swim, dive, splash around and perhaps run into a curious turtle. This is a break in nature right next to the city. 

  • Ancestral forests

    Ancestral forests

    In the Blue River Provincial Park or the Great Ferns park, paths lead visitors/hikers into the heart of vegetation inherited over the millennia far from any civilization. Rare and protected species can now be admired on walks of any skill level and only ask to be quietly enjoyed by careful visitors. 

  • A variety of colors

    A variety of colors

    Nature in the Great South offers an incomparable playing field to marvel at incredible natural sites. Between the red earth, which is as arid as it is rich in ore, the sparse vegetation fighting for survival and protected species in the water, from the lake of Yaté to the Madeleine waterfalls, you just need to keep your eyes open to feel like you’re visiting another world.

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