When we go on holiday, especially in tropical regions, we all dream of experiencing at least one day that we will never forget, a day of feeling like you’re inside a treasure chest. If you choose, when staying on the Isle of Pines, to visit the Nokanhui atoll, this might well be the day which will be forever marked with a cross as white as the sand you will tread upon...

Before you languish upon the Nokanhui atoll, a magnificent white sand bank lost in the middle of the South Pacific, in the sea of the Isle of Pines, you had better get there!

A magical excursion

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  • Traditional outrigger canoes in the Isle of Pines

    The road towards Nokanhui

    The meeting place with the service provider who will take you there is at the Saint-Joseph Bay, at the south of the Isle of Pines. From there you will first make your way to Upi Bay, whose splendid rocky formations emerge from the surface of the water. On your journey you will doubtless encounter several traditional outrigger canoes.

  • Turtle in Nokanhui atoll in the Isle of Pines

    Happy encounter

    You will follow the course towards Turtle Bay, whose name rings very true. Many turtles regularly pierce the surface to take in fresh air, and some will even gladly allow themselves to be approached for an improvised aquatic ballet in your company. However, please do avoid physical contact with these magnificent animals. Not that turtles are the least bit aggressive towards humans, but sadly we can transfer certain pathogens to them, which can sometimes be fatal.

  • Nokanhui atoll in the Isle of Pines

    Like a postcard

    At last, after several miles sailing across waters so blue they would have made Paul Newman’s eyes jealous, you will reach the Nokanhui atoll. The site's fame stems mainly from the fact that it was the final test for contestants during an epic season of French TV show Koh Lanta ! As you pass over the Nokanhui atoll, you will feel like (and not just feel!) you have been plunged into the heart of a postcard.  This 200 by 20 metre atoll is just the magical kind of place that only nature knows how to keep sacred.

  • Dolphin in New Caledonia

    A leisurely pause

    And if you’re not already drunk with sensations, on your way back you can happily take a shot of adrenaline with a shoal of around thirty dolphins who have decided to have a leisurely pause in the company of your boat...

    And those are the ingredients for a day you must all agree sounds pretty magical!