The Bourail agricultural fair

Bourail - August

During a weekend, Bourail becomes the capital of the Bush!


This annual event is an occasion to check out the colourful booths and the local specific Caledonian products, meet the cattle farmers that came to present their most beautiful specimens, but also the stockmen, real cowboys of the Caledonian brousse, participating in a colourful rodeo.

Info and reservation:

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The agricultural and craft fair of Bourail, a small town on the West Coast of New Caledonia, is held each year during the weekend around August 15. The first edition was held in September 11, 1877, after which it was forgotten. In 1977, it was organized again and gradually become an important and inevitable event in New Caledonian calendar.

About one thousand animals, numerous trade stands, the stock car, motocross, tasting Caledonian meats,demonstrations done by sheepdogs, a lumberjack contest, equestrian games, selecting "Miss Bourail Fair ", dozens of activities and of course the rodeo, there are only some of the highlights of the fair to which the visitor is invited. Each new edition includes in its program new activities.

All the animal and plant production of Grade Terre (the Mainland) and the islands are presented. Cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, rabbits, dogs and horses are present in large numbers and are measured, weighed, assessed and rated by judges many of whom come from the Metropolis and from New Zealand. The ranchers are following closely the presentation of animals, prepared for several months by their owners on the Caledonian grazing lands.

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