Our events in New Caledonia

Discover the main events in New Caledonia

, à Nouméa

An evening of live music by the lagoon shore

, à Nouméa

Exhibition of artworks created from recycled materials

, à Nouméa

The Deluxe Stache Tour includes two Noumea dates

, à Nouméa

Free outdoor sports and recreational activities for kids & families

May , à Nouméa

Discover the BNC International Noumea Triathlon

September , à Yaté

Discover La Pérignon

, à Mont-Dore

Discover Burlesque International Festival

Discover the Tropic’O - Orientation trail


Discover New Caledonia Ultra trail 2017

, à Blue River Park

Experience the mysterious beauty of the drowned forest by the light of the full moon.

December , à Nouméa

Discover Christmas illuminations

, à Nouméa

Discover the Challenger BNP Paribas New Caledonia 2017.