Caledonians are athletic, and they love the outdoors and working out in nature. This is why throughout the year, hikes are organized all over the territory, creating adventures that are as athletic as they are human.

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  • Trek in North of New Caledonia

    Unexplored hiking tracks

    In both the north and the south, Caledonian trails also have the particularity of letting the regions be discovered to the general public. The trails sometimes cross splendid properties or cut out a path through terrain that has been difficult to access up to now. This is a perfect compromise between self-challenge and discovering the wonders of The Pebble.

  • Touho trail in the Northern province in New Caledonia

    Hiking in the Northern province

    It’s now been several years since the Grand Prix des Raids in the Northern province has marked the season. With six trails existing since the early 2000s, athletes from the territory, but also those passing through, can immerse themselves in tribal life in an original, friendly way. Indeed, the awards come alive with the tribes’ state of mind: they welcome, host and feed the athletes, who are especially happy let them discover their region, taste their culinary expertise and see the athletes’ eyes light up with enthusiasm.

  • Transcaledonienne race in New Caledonia

    Challenging hikes

    For the most hardened hikers, the Trans-Caledonian is a must-do during the hiking season. For two days, teams of three people set off on a course that is as magical as it is difficult. Since 1992, the Défi Santé association has led this athletic event, one of the most anticipated ones of the year, alternating every year between the provinces of the North and the South, and which always offers challenging obstacles for the best athletes.

  • Trek in South in New Caledonia

    Hiking as a tradition

    You surely understand by now that athletic challenges outdoors is an integral part of the sports DNA of New Caledonia, to the extent that new events are constantly being introduced, season after season, always attracting new participants. Organized by associations or companies, in the red earth of the Great South or in the central mountains, sometimes even put on at night for a difference atmosphere, no hike is alike. And those who love outdoor sports are never disappointed!

  • Transcaledonienne in New Caledonia

    The season’s main hiking events

    • The Voh hike is often the opener of the Grand Prix des Raids in the Northern province
    • The Gigawatt in early October starts from the Yaté dam
    • The Isle of Pines hike in October is traditionally the one that closes the sports season in this discipline before the hot season

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