The end of the end, north to south, of La Grande Terre could have been a nameless, inaccessible place. That's not at all the case, and the site actually has two names! Officially, it's named the Pointe Nahârian (Naharian Point), but it's more-commonly called Boat-Pass…

Beyond this point, which lies at the end of an easily usable auto trail crossing a wild and peaceful landscape, you can see 'Île Baaba (Baaba Isle). Further to the north, you can glimpse the Bélep archipelago, the last inhabited place to the north in New Caledonia.


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  • Boat-pass Poum

    At the end of the road

    And because the end of one thing is always the beginning of something else (an old Confucian saying!), when you reach Boat-Pass, you can start dreaming of other discoveries. Maybe that would be exploring the underwater world of the Poum reef or –even if only in one's wildest fantasies – having the extraordinary opportunity to take part in an expedition to the virgin reefs of Entrecasteaux, further north than the north...

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