Ânûû-rû âboro Festival

Poindimié -

International Documentary Films Festival in october. The festival presents a selection of documentary films from all around the world, the Pacific area and New Caledonia.


This small antipodean festival is intended to provide shared documentary films from around the world who are not only evidence of the real but which are also entire cinematographic works.

Info and reservation:

  • +687 27 78 05

The main objective of the Anûû-rû Âboro Festival is to provide a platform for documentary films which, far from being formatted for television, have their own form and language. Some of the films will be screened at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre this year, however in accordance with customary practice; most will be screened outside of Noumea in 11 of the island’s districts, in particular in Poindimié, located in the north of the Mainland.

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, à Nouméa

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, à Nouméa

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